Easy Team Password Manager

No more forgetting passwords!

All passwords in one place. You no longer need to remember your passwords - we will do this for you. Be safe and secure - always.

Share with your team

Sailing Keys is a manager, that allows you to share your passwords with other people. Just add password to group and they will have access immediately!


Create categories and assign users to them. Organizing has never been easier before. Each grup can have different permissions, allowing you to have multiple access levels in your organization


Thanks to double password encryption you can feel finally safe! Two different encryption keys allow you to sleep well


Yes! This is correct. Standard version is completely free! You can simply register and start using. And if you feel that it is what you were looking for - jump in for paid subscription to make it standard for your team!

Active development

We want to make this best tool available - and we are using Sailing Keys ourselves! In office, at home - everywhere. We're aiming for perfection; and since we are using this on our daily basis, we can make this a great tool also for you!

Did you know?

If you will install Chrome pluing or Firefox addon, you will be able to access quickly MiniApps and also store your passwords securely!

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